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This post has been edited by junster: Best shot is to try your computer manufacturer’s website. He is asking for XP drivers. Like myself, i slipstream all windows update into my CD up to the latest one too. Hope someone may guide me. Show posts by this member only Post 1. Tried to reformat it many time.

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Download 驱动程序 for Notebook HP (惠普) Compaq Presario B1286TU Windows XP

In the System failure section: Feb 17 Feb 4 If you can complete the whole setup in virtualization then the CD should be ok. Means you need to check the box if you still don’t get it.

After downloading run the file. I think you missed out some of the parts though The floppy part of the tutorial is just what you’re suppose to do with the drivers and i never created something new. Show posts by this member only Post I don’t get what you mean? Show posts by this member only Post 2.


Ann’s Drivers: Lg Ms Driver

If like what you said, enabling AHCI does make features such as NCQ available, then yes i think its possible that there will be slight performance increase. Read latest posts or hide this alert. Becoz XP don’t have such driver preloaded during server installation boot up.

So tension to fix it. I’m not sure if you tried my guide but its supposed to work. Actually i’m having problems with the floppy part earlier and that’s why i find other ways to put the drivers into the disc in the first place.

Installing XP with MassStorage(SATA/RAID) Drivers

I’m not sure why as well bb1286tu its how XP Setup loads driver by default. As long as it is not giving you any problems, i think you don’t have to worry about it. Added on April 29, Aug 12 Thanks for marking this as the answer.

I have read about at least b1286u of your errors with certain games that can help narrow things down. Jan 7 If both are a sure yes, please try the disc on another computer for me Battery Optimizer Battery Optimizer support.


Guess they implemented an anti-leech or something. There’s a few computers having this problem with newer versions of the pci.

Blue Screen error encounter

You could however try to b11286tu around the internet and see if nLite could do you any good. Bro,i’m not very understand what u say about this? Mar 26 I copied the Window XP content b12886tu selecting all the files and copy paste into a folder ,did i copy the Window XP content correctly?

Will update the main post in a few hours after i’m free Apr 12 You can give it a try and maybe point me to it so i can update my guide with it too Where are you getting this error?