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That was a no go. If you want to start in windowed mode, use the configuration application. Maybe, maybe not, that is the nature of ‘unsupported’ software installations. Wait for Windows 8 support to become available. While Windows 8 is listed in that drop down, clicking on it returns no results. Sign In or Register to comment.

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But when I download the ATI’s Windows Vista legacy driver their most up to dateit only installs the Catalyst installer the installer installs an installer which installs an installer which installs an installeras opposed to any useful software.

Feb 21, 4: Reply 16 of In the meantime, it is bootcam to get everything working on Windows 7, and that’s what I currently have installed.

Another option is to contact Microsoft for a fix. Snow Leopard’s Boot Camp 3.

Reply 9 of ATI and nVidia just won’t update 3-year-old graphics chip drivers for graphic cards they discontinued 2 years ago for Windows 7. Feb 26, 2: I’ve used it before, for gaming and all.

upside down screen ATI Mobility Radeon X Bootcamp [Archive] – Ubisoft Forums

One alternative may be to uninstall the ccc and install ati tray tools from guru3d. After that step completes, the user is directed to install Windows from an authentic DVD copy provided by the user Apple does not license or sell copies of Windows.


To start obotcamp conversation again, simply ask a new question. The options to select are greyed out for me, but it is on ‘Standard Landscape 0 degrees’. The only other common thread between these machines is that they all originally shipped with either no or disabled support for The most obvious fix is usually the last to be tried.

These drivers provide native support for Mac-specific hardware under Windows, such as a backlit keyboard, built-in iSight camera, trackpad, Nootcamp, graphics, networking, audio, and so on.

Apple’s Boot Camp will not support Windows 7 on some 2006 Macs

Ah, but I have a gas stove Wait for Windows 8 support to become available. Feb 26, 4: Reply 7 of Any early iMac users ari a way through this?

No control center or anything. If you click to show ‘Advanced view’ if youhave not done so alreadythen on ‘Displays Manager’.

See the Microsoft Knowledge Base for more information. Originally Posted by aiolos I’m actually kind of pissed, I was looking forward to testing out Windows 7, as I do like to run games on Windoze, and I did hold off on installing Vista.


Get the latest ATI drivers for x1600 mobile for mbp/imac!

This is based on a Desktop PC install of Cat 7. If you want to start in windowed mode, use the configuration application.

Reply 13 of Reply 11 of This can be but is not always tied to lowering the screen resolution in boorcamp accessibility programs. Originally Posted by jeffharris I don’t think I’ll ever recover. October 22, 9: I purchased my copy of PF of tradme. Other drivers work camera, bluetooth but the driver for x still won’t. Reply 17 of The bootcamp drivers seem to work fine otherwise, but do not fix this problem.