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Zero means no maximum absolute age is enforced. Simple advice on Connection testing If you don’t know what to do, try this: To install a ConnectionCustomizer just implement the interface, make your class accessible to c3p0’s ClassLoader, and set the configuration parameter below:. If you are using named configurations , you can specify the configuration that defines the default configuration for your DataSource:. We are using c3p0 to do connection pooling, however c3p0 is having trouble creating the database connections, it gives the following error: If both maxStatements and maxStatementsPerConnection are zero, statement caching will not be enabled.

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By default, c3p0-spawned Threads helper threadsjava. This can sometimes be a problem, especially in application servers that support hot redeployment of client apps. Just set the following property to the full, absolute path of the XML config file: Most of the interesting knobs and dials are represented as JavaBean properties.

c3p0-v – JDBC3 Connection and Statement Pooling – Documentation

Initializing Spring root WebApplicationContext Starting service Catalina May 24, 7: If, whether by choice or by necessity, you suihable using c3p0’s System. If false, failure to obtain a Connection will cause all Threads waiting for the pool to acquire a Connection to throw an Exception, but the DataSource will remain valid, and will attempt to acquire again suitagle a call to getConnection.

Coordinates of this version on the Maven central repository: It will work even with very old JDBC drivers. If I place the following code into my webapp which is copied from 3cpo c3p0 xml file im using: Or you can just implement ConnectionTester directly, and set the parameter connectionTesterClassName. Obviously, you must take care to set this parameter to a value large enough that all intended operations on checked out Connections have time to complete.


For examples, see the built-in implementations in c3p0’s source code. But in theory, one VM might look up two different DataSources, generated by two different VMs, that by unlikely coincidence have the same “identity token”, leading to errors syitable one of the two DataSources sneakily substitutes for the second.


You can define named configurations which augment and override the default configuration that you define. I triple checked everything and I also tried to create a c3p0 configuration file with driver name: C3P0 wraps these Objects behind a proxies, so you cannot cast C3P0-returned Connections or Statements to c3pp vendor-specific implementation classes.

Every c3p0 pooled data source is given a dataSourceNamewhich serves two purposes.

No suitable driver New Member Posts: While trying to acquire a needed new resource, we failed to succee d more than the maximum number of allowed acquisition zuitable 3. Indeed you are going to have to check what the value of the jdbcUrl variable is you obviously want it to be “jdbc: This sequence of events is primarily interesting if your driver offers an implementation of ConnectionPoolDataSource, and you’d like c3p0 to use that.


This is a JavaBean-style class with a public, no-arg constructor, but before you use the DataSource, you’ll have to be sure to set at least the property jdbcUrl. Cannot resolve reference to bean ‘transactionAdvice’ while setting bean property ‘nextMethodInterceptor’; nested exception is org.

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You can always set c3p0 config in a c3p0. Most c3p0 configuration topics are discussed in detail below. By default, the Threads spawned by c3p0 inherit a java.

Turn off more accessible mode. Users must take care to clean up these objects directly.

This can be used to customize how c3p0 DataSources test Connections, but with the introduction of automaticTestTable and preferredTestQuery configuration parameters, “rolling your own” should be overkill for most users. Ok solved the problem!

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Implementations that do not need to override all four ConnectionCustomizer methods can extend AbstractConnectionCustomizer to inherit no-op implementations of suitabls methods. Note that clients do not see any Exception until a full round of attempts fail, which may be some time after the initial Connection attempt.

Refer to Hibernate 3. Please see Configuring DefaultConnectionTester.

By default, c3p0 will use that method if it is present.