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Also the Canopus converter doesn’t work. They won’t export as an AVI or H. Canopus DV File Converter video tutorials. When I go to close PP, i get this message: Ok, well, Canopus DIP switches are set properly.

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What can I do to fix this in order to play my old video into PRO.

Search or Browse all software by sections Search or Browse all software by sections. Ideally, you’d want the 48k audio, maybe the 32k audio is the issue?

I hope this helps. This content has been marked as final. Also how are you creating a project? I’ve Googled all over the Internet and haven’t found canoups answer.

I suspect this is a x64 codec issue with the Canopus. You don’t have JavaScript enabled.

Maybe it will afi to attention with fluid editing ability if given the time. The quality of their early DV codecs was awful, so smaller companies stepped in to provide better ones.


This is the most hassle-free solution if you run Windows and just want to import the files into another program. I think i’m having exactly the same problem. How to record anything on your screen using th How to apply color correction using the Gradie It works only on bit Mac OS. Best format to convert from. Install this and you caanopus read Canopus AVIs. Any export setting ideas? It could very well have something to ccanopus with all this. I did see a post from about Canopus Procoder 2 which I see now for free everywhere.

Canopus AVI export : Adobe Premiere Pro

Although 15 years old by now, this program does exactly what it says: Works like a charm. When I capture a video with my Canopus Storm 2 card it creates 2 files. I get audio but a white screen. When I go to close PP, i get this message: Is the solution software or hardware?

Do I need to replace the Canopus? I’ve successfully edited this footage from this workflow for years in CS4 and CS5 skipped 5.


Very easy to use and worked like a charm for canopis Review by wolffr on Jun 3, Version: A command-line version that does the same thing, only you can batch-process a folder.

Canopus AVI export

The typical WMM test file caused the same old problems as originally described. It looks a bit like the old ResEdit avii tweaker for Macs. Have you updated to the most current version of CS6? OBS Studio screen recording and streaming guid