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Right click on your “Programs” folder from the “Start” menu and choose “Explore”. By default, most usb-serial adapters are set to COM4. If not, let me know. Cn90 any news yet about the connection I need to buy one from kcool Electronic co. Did they say what was wrong with the throttle body? If you see 6. Would either of these cables work with Carsoft?

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I purchased a real carsoft and am having some issues with the install. How to you configure the laptop to recognize Com1 port? The “Crack” folder that you used may be incomplete.

Anyone here running on Vista Home Basic? Will let you know drakar I hope I don’t screw anything up. You should also check you Carsoft version. With the IBM everything works. The service advisor they gave me had a personality of a goat.

To successfully install SP1 you must do it immediately after installing the Carsoft program i. But not with my laptop Is there a place where I can download the driver for this cable? You may have a carsot fuse or faulty cable. Every time you restart your laptop, the computer will give that cable a different port. Close Carsoft and try opening the program again.


I just got my interface kit and I cant connect to any modules. I am having an issue.

Just don’t need to do it just now. I have a slight leak developing and have the parts and pieces to swap the gaskets. Thanks again moesonex There is a lengthy page thread on bimmerforums, get some Coke and Popcorn and read through all 57 pages!!! I started this post because my car basically died after erasing all the error codes and now it is at the stealership and I am not looking forward to my bill.

Three laptops and a desktop, but I still cant make any headway. I have adobe scientific The carsoft software only lists Com1, Com2, Com3, and Com4.

Maybe it is your com port. Caraoft I wonder if these are Euro model references and if there are any differences for the same comparative U. Right click on your “Programs” folder from the “Start” menu and choose “Explore”.


Locate the Carsoft folder, which should be in the “Program files” directory. I’m having fun with this software. When I press the “Activate Protection” box, I get another Carsoft message that reads “Copy protection parameter changing. Cn90 any news yet about the connection I need to buy one from kcool Electronic co. Will let you know.


BMW Carsoft everything you should know to make it work – Mighty Car Mods Official Forum

The notes I used are attached below and are long and some may think a bit tedious – but the program does work! But maybe my car was on the fritz any ways csrsoft i was having issues.

Will post an update later. I just installed Carsoft on my laptop but I did it before I read this thread.