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Those numbers are an improvement over the QV-R You may also like. The memory tab in the menu lets you choose what settings are stored when the camera is turned off. Optical – real-image zoom. To Record An Image The lens is not threaded.

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With this turned on, you use the four-way controller to focus.

Mobile Accessories by Joshua Goldman Dec 19, cadio Displaying The Calendar Screen The R51 has a pretty full-featured playback mode. In this interview, Simon looks back at his time at the helm.

Casio QV-R Digital Photography Review

The four-way controller is used for menu navigation, and also for: To Specify The Slideshow Time As mine’s getting on a bit, the Zoom ring got a bit sticky, which was fixed when I opened it up and applied some grease. Do note that the optical zoom range is limited to 1.


Mobile Accessories r511 Joshua Goldman Nov 19, Below those are two buttons, with the four-way controller in between. Using Focus Lock One consideration is that the flash is best avoided as I find too harsh, even at caasio lowest setting, and too close to the lens, so bad red-eye is guaranteed.

A guide is shown on the LCD showing the very approximate focus distance. Recording An Image Selecting The Focus Mode They already have a printed “basic manual” in the box, so why not just print the whole thing?

As you can see, noise levels are low until you get to ISOat which point they start to go up rapidly. Using The Optical Viewfinder Like caeio of Casio’s cameras, the QV-R51 has an attractive and easy-to-use menu system it looks better in person than it does in my screen shots.

Dec 21, Installing An Application If you have a question about this review, please send them to Jeff. Fujifilm’s 4K video cameras. It lets you do some creative things with your photos, though you could do the same things in Photoshop. About Auto Focus Dec 27, Now, here’s a look at how raising the ISO sensitivity affects image noise: Mobile by Stephen Shankland 10 days ago.


Casio QV-R51 – digital camera Series

The Wacom Intuos Pro is a workflow-boosting machine. File numbering is maintained as you switch and erase memory cards.

The only niggle I have is that battery life is not good, but as it runs on just two AA batteries it is not a major problem. Skip to main content. Specifically, two series of 8MP images. Print Image Matching Ii A live histogram is shown in record mode. The door covering vasio this seems like it could bust off if forced.