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That’s 16 less than our test system outfitted with the HD Additionally, the USB port underneath the slot-in drive is unsuitable for thicker USB sticks because they might obstruct the drive and, in the worst case, could scratch the DVD. The keyboard comes fully-featured with a full numeric pad , which makes number input or playing games easier. The hard disk integrates itself very well and also stays barely audible with Those who need runtime while traveling,. Keyboard and Touchpad The keyboard on the Studio 17 is very nice and very comfortable to type on with such a massive palmrest. Please, switch off ad blockers.

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A short key stroke allows for fast typing. If you tilt the notebook to one side it will start moving the selection box up and down. The Subwoofer lies unseen underneath the device.

At the minimum it consumes 21 wattsthough realistically with everything turned up, without stress, it would be more like 25 watts. At the same time, we will test whether the traditionally hot-headed Studio-series has cooled down a bit. We get the feeling that there is a very thin coating of rubber at work here. Additionally, the screen has been treated with a reflective coatingwhich is responsible for the brilliant colors on the one hand but makes use in bright rooms or even outside difficult.

Review Dell Studio Notebook – Reviews

The keyboard is full-size with no condensed keys and it includes a four-key wide numberpad. Dell even builds in a, at the moment mainly professionally used, display port.


The gaming-benchmarks show that the proof is in the pudding and that the ATI HD leaves its predecessors as well as Nvidia’s middle-class M in the dust. Our configuration was available for a list price of euro. The greater the variation from the perfect frontal position, the better the display is. If you choose the fastest alternative, the most expensive warranty package and all software options, the price for the configuration with an Intel Core i7 QMRadeonan drll GByte RAM, a hard disk memory of one terabyte and a FullHD studik goes up to euro.

You can play in the native resolution of x pixels but then you have to reduce the details eminently.

Specifications – Dell Studio P02E Series Setup Manual [Page 82]

Online on the go? The keyboard has a separate numerical blockwhich isn’t surprising in view of the case’s width. The wide touchpad lies slightly recessed in the palm rest, the difference being noticeable due to a slight angle. High performance is all well and nice, but better control of the cooling system would have been great. The hard drives aren’t installed in a RAID array, instead they are separate drives so that you can use one for the operating system and applications and the other for your data.

It can even get up to The painted cover has a great rubbery texture that gives the studik a soft feel and helps to increase grip for your fingers. It’s a laptop that’s designed for users who want an affordable desktop replacement, media centre or gaming PC.

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Dell studio P02E series Setup Manual: Specifications

It has been slightly submerged and feels a lot rougher p20e the rest of the surrounding wrist-rest area for a better differentiation. Twenty-One or “Seventeen and Four” Those who choose Dell’s Studio range, expect design, quality and of course computing power for multimedia and middle class gaming.


When pressing on the keys firmly one is able to feel the give that the keyboard has, the bending is most visible above the optical drive. Also, the Studio seems to still have a few teething problemssuch as the problem reported by users that the notebook doesn’t wake up from standby. Our test-configuration had the standard inch panel, however in their online shop Dell offers an upgrade to a delll p stduio Ultra Sharp display. The hard disk integrates itself very well and also stays barely audible with Desktop performance for Windows Aero.

The keys have the dimensions of a full desktop keyboard. A FireWire connection i. Despite this, all of the ports are positioned in a usable and sensible manner. Overall, agreeably few trial versions and many useful programs have only been installed. Bad Company 2 wasn’t exactly squeamish about testing the limits of our hardware.

Second slot occupied by WLAN card. If the Studio 17 is tilted forward dialog box selection will randomly switch back and forth.