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Home What is Flash Memory? Need to have a zip drive on every computer. On the other hand, the EasyDisk USB Hard drive is a small, compact, light, easy-to-use, and very nifty looking device that makes data portability simple. Visit the newly renovated www. Further more, cable can be wrapped around for storing, and because of it’s shock-resistant body, there is no doubt about it is going to play an active part in carrying your business data around. If you unplug the device at this time, you are likely to lose data.

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Things like movies, which can be especially memory-consuming, will serve you far better when saved to an external EZ hard drive.

So it is not entirely driverless as wwindows DiskOnKey we reviewed. Need to have a zip drive on every computer. EasyDisk 64mb vs Floppy. Relative Humidity Under Storage. No matter what its shape, the Easy Disk is compact, lightweight, durable and simple to use.

An advancement in the video industry continues as well, currently nVidia’s GeForce 3 Ti vs.


HDPNC-HSU series (500GB)

Located on the profile, we have a switch. Not only was it quick for it’s stature, the EasyDisk came with a good bundle. We hope you have enjoyed the EasyDisk review.

Yet another USB drive review here at Modsynergy. Music files, documents, emails, pictures, and movies all can be accessed from or saved to a flash memory drive. A nice addition to say the least.

Relative Humidity Wjndows Operation. However, there is no software at the moment that requires such demanding hardware. There are various ways, but some more efficient than others, some more expensive than others, and some faster than others.

Let me thank EasyDisk for making the review possible.

Portable Flash USB Storage: EasyDisk

The EasyDisk is a great little product. As you can see, the drive performs fairly decent, faster than a Zip disk. Linux is a registered trademark of Linux Torvalds. The unit has a usable storage of MB because of these programs taking up space.

Thus people tend to spend their money on other products. Or for somebody who does a lot of work at home and brings it to work, or vice versa. Home What is Flash Memory? This shows that the disk is working, busily writing or reading data.


Since pen drives are hot swappable and require no downloaded drivers, they save you an incredible amount of time. Need to have an LS on every computer. EasyDisk comes packaged a USB extension cable when you want to use the drive beside you. Over 10 years Read Speed: However, more importantly is the speed of the drive.

Portable Flash USB Storage: EasyDisk

When you see a USB 2. DS Cluster – Follow our Sitemap.

Certainly, unless the correct password has been typed, no saved data area can be access. Easydiskk you not be compatible with any flash centers on the market, you might even consider upgrading your OS. Plug a flash memory center into your USB port, and it will be instantly recognized.