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It starts from the root element within the web page or part of the page and goes to identify the target element. Locating by Name using Filters Filters can be used when multiple elements have the same name. XPath locators are very powerful and flexible. A well-written XPath can be very robust, but a poor XPath can be fragile — meaning that it may break when the application changes. In Selenium, we can use locators to perform actions on the text boxes, links, checkboxes and other web elements. You access the individual elements using an index which starts at 0.

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As you can remember, it has an ID of “email,” and we have already accessed it in the “Locating by ID” section. Difficult to use with data-bound lists. Currently working in an Elenent. Locators in Selenium IDE: However, most of them do need Locators.

Here, we see that the element’s name is “userName”. Log on to Mercury Tours using “tutorial” as the username and password. Go to the demo page http: It collects an array of elements that have the name that you specified.

Notice that its HTML tag is “input” and its class is “inputtext. However, a field name locator is the best choice for testing a login form. It should take you to the Flight Finder page shown below.


8 Ways to Use Locators for Selenium Testing

Selenium IDE must be able to access the element successfully. Like the Id strategy, but on the name attribute. You can use XPath to either locate the element in absolute locqtors not advisedor relative to an element that does have an id or name attribute.

Selenium IDE must be able to identify the Password text box successfully.

In this tutorial, we will learn How to deal with file uploads and downloads. The Locatlrs is an identifier for the element that is typically assigned by the developer of the code. In this case, the ID is “email. For instance, consider this page source: Selenium IDE should be able to access the Password label as shown in the image below.

Types of Element Locators – Web Performance

Under the covers, it is implemented with an XPath locator that looks at these items in this order:. With this strategy, the first element with the id attribute value matching the location will be returned.

It is advisable to use an attribute that webdrivsr unique to the element such as a name or ID. Hope you have already installed Selenium WebDriver.


And you would be able to use locators in Selenium projects more efficiently than ever before.

She is a co-founder of Software Testing Material. Navigate to Mercury Tours Registration page and inspect the Phone text box. In the following example, we will access an image that cannot possibly be accessed through the methods we discussed earlier. As a general rule, keep in mind that if a locator matches several elements, only the first one will be effectively used by Selenium.

Selenium uses what is called locators to find and match the elements of your page that it needs to interact with.

Tip the index starts at 0. Locating Hyperlinks by Link Text 4. Elemeent access the Password input box, simply replace the value of the tabindex attribute. Using Firebug, inspect the three radio buttons at the bottom portion of the page Economy class, Business class, and First class radio buttons. Sauce Labs has good documentation on CSS selectors.