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You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum. Use only one method at a time. Select the file UC Next you could program the keypad buttons to send MIDI note data to trigger lights on the lighting rig. Fri Aug 23, The number buttons have been assigned to further transport controls. You will find a link to an exe file that will solve this problem for you.

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If you now move the fader you should see the display show 01 in the left hand corner and 12, the controller number you have just programmed.

Latency with MIDI signals is due to the soft-synth you are using. Pour toutes les mises a jour de documents et manuels franqais, veuillez visiter la uc333 web www.

U-cnotrol the on-screen instructions 6. Follow instructions on screen. You should now be able to control volume, pan, solo, mute, sends and even the 4 bands of EQ for the currently selected track.

If you have MIDI inputs available, if no driver names appear in the Output column, you need to re-install your soundcard or update the soundcard drivers.


Launch your FM-7 instrument.

Flowever the easiest way to get started is of course by using our pre-programmed setups. This selects the Native Instruments B4 preset as current. Sat Dec 29, For control surfaces, if the uc33e how’s up, change that to None.

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Fri Aug 23, 6: So i just purchased the UC33 for a great deal and I’m a bit confused on how to program this to use with live. So if you start with a blank ableton-live the mappings are gone. The polarity of the sustain pedal is calculated by the keyboard when it is powered up. Select preset 10 for channelsand and u-ccontrol to the appro- u-contdol window in the Generic Remote.

The Steinberg documentation explains in detail how to do this. Sat Oct 03, 3: If you are struggling you can also seek advice on the Evolution user group via our website www. Ensure it is the ONLY highlighted device. This preset is relatively simple and therefore a great starting point for any new programming. Page 1 u-contro 1. I have the MAudio Enigma software.

Using An External Power Supply You can also use a mains adapter not included with the following specification: Bottom section, turn the uc33e on for Remote. The format of the documentation is Adobe Acrobat so you will need to install Acrobat Reader to either print or view the documentation.


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If no data is received, please check whether the UC USB driver has been selected as an input for your software application. On the UC select evolutino 01 1 0. Try it for yourself and see! This preset controls Channels 1 -8, 1 and depending on what setting has been selected in the software Generic Remote window. Even though Sound Module a and b receive cut-off and resonance controls in different ways it is easy to program the UC to take account of this.

DC In plug for connection of 9v DC u-comtrol supply not included. Select the file UC If Sound Module b is GS compatible you would configure the rotary controls above the second four faders to send NRPN data to affect filter resonance and cut-off. You will find ux33 graphic illustration of the UC on page 4. If not, select run from the start menu and type d: