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Frontline Industrial Network Tools. We accept these payment methods: You can select a configuration that works with your budget and development needs. Save my login information. Privacy Policy Terms of Use. Order Contact Us Reseller Portal. Frontline Industrial Network Tools.

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The new capture method fronhline the BPA easier to use, simplifies configuration and setup steps, and allows for more reliable data captures! This modular approach allows greater flexibility in protocol analysis and debugging, and provides comprehensive coexistence views over virtually any combination of protocols. See them all simultaneously as they happen.

Software Example Capture Files. You can select a configuration that works with your budget and development needs.

Request Quote on GlobalTestSupply. Just choose your configuration and start capturing data. Say “Goodbye” blluetooth the Plug! Would you prefer to visit our US affiliate www. Teledyne LeCroy All Rights reserved.

Frontline Sodera Wide Band Bluetooth Protocol Analyzer

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Sodera analyzers are extremely portable and easy to use. From watches, sports and fitness devices, to wellness, healthcare and more, Bluetooth Smart technology is expected to greatly accelerate the wireless evolution.


We have built in all existing Bluetooth profiles and much more.

Frontline has spent years developing and refining our world renowned family of protocol analyzers. ComProbe BPA low energy. Bluetooth low energy wireless technology is rapidly changing how the comprove world connects.

TLF3000 Bluetooth Tester / PHY Tester

Teledyne LeCroy All Rights reserved. Comproe Contact Us Reseller Portal. Privacy Policy Terms of Use. You can see multiple “classic” or low energy connections at one time. The Sodera series of Bluetooth protocol analyzers provides the ultimate in portability and flexibility to engineers. Which Bluetooth test tool is right for YOU? This product includes one lens.

Order Contact Us Reseller Portal. Tiny Footprint, Huge Tracks In an increasingly mobile world, it’s more important than ever that developers’ tools are just as mobile as the fontline and technologies they’re creating.

Do you wish more information! Data collected ranges from paging and inquiry packets to connections, secure connections, and secure simple pairing SSP packets, to data exchange packets. The BPA analyzer is easy to use and gives you flexibility to capture multiple connections at once.

Frontline Downloads – ComProbe SD Protocol Analyzer

comproeb With the Frontline Sodera Wideband Bluetooth Protocol Analyzer you see all Bluetooth traffic on all channels — everything that is in the air! Privacy Policy Terms of Use. You can unsubscribe at any time. Its compact format and built feontline battery pack makes it easy to use in the lab or in the field. The Frontline Sodera Wideband Bluetooth Protocol Analyzer is a highly portable, wideband, Bluetooth protocol analyzer that captures all Bluetooth traffic in the 2.


Smaller than a deck of cards and running on USB power, the ComProbe BPA low energy packs a serious punch, decoding all traffic including advertising packets, data packets and LL control packets, and providing visibility into all three advertising channels concurrently, even before the connection is established.

It is the first of our new line of protocol analyzers using the powerful ProbeSync TM technology that will in the future enable the BPA to connect to addtional BPA analyzers including high speed