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The screen automatically orients itself when you flip into tablet mode and the rotate buttons work like they are supposed to. The screen portion itself is very robust and durable, providing a very comfortable writing surface. View of the keyboard. The colors jump right out of the screen with excellent contrast and brightness. Do you already have an account? In normal usage conditions, the T should run longer. After about three months of waiting for the Santa Rosa platform and two months of searching, I finally decided on the Fujitsu T

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There are three basic power settings: In the below results of Super Pi, where the processor is timed in calculating Pi to 2 million digits:. I absolutely love the pen placement as stated earlier. The viewing angles are great… so great it is kind of worrisome.

Fujitsu T4220 Laptop/Tablet BSOD help please

Front view of the LifeBook T Fortunately, there is a company which not only promises quality, their brand name is synonymous with excellence. It spins scanber, but I think most do.

Sfanner that I see the part in the section you posted it all makes sense what to look for a little better. I see this question around many times and had asked it myself at one point: I am extremely impressed with the performance so far. The graphics offered by the Intel Express Scanned are more than enough to run Vista Aero smoothly, but users who want to run more graphics intensive applications or games will probably be left wanting more. As you will notice, the ports located in the back of the Tablet have a plastic cover to act as a shield from dust while adding an elegant finish to the overall appearance.


The industry first bi-directional hinge is a large plus and convenience in the design of the T and a large improvement in the field t42220 Tablet PCs.

As well as a fingerprint reader on the screen for access in Tablet modethe Fujitsu Lifebook T can use these four buttons for password protection during boot up. I kept reading through those logs and never noticed the numbers in the part you posted matching up to the Windows Problem error. Pen flicks are great for copying, pasting, deleting, scrolling on web pages, etc. After about 24 hours of use the machine very rarely missed ANY words I wrote in my chicken scratch.

The white keyboard, although compact, is ergonomically designed and the keys are placed in a rather convenient layout.

Fujitsu T Laptop/Tablet BSOD help please – TechSpot Forums

The chart below shows the difference in performance and battery life. There is a fair amount of friction to resemble a piece of paper, which is nice. I have a Vista Home Basic sticker.

Another great feature is the bi-directional hinge, which will get heads turning. The modular drive is loud. That is the first thing that came out of my mouth when this machine was powered on.

Fujitsu LifeBook T Tablet PC User Review

The touchpad has a nice feel. I just went down to the office and picked up the Fujitsu. The screen automatically orients itself when you flip into tablet mode and the rotate buttons work like they are supposed to. First, peel off the film with the red-like tab in the corner and throw it away. Plastic cover over the keyboard.


This is my first tablet so I was expecting a little graininess, but there was none present. Right out of the box, the rather compact T shows off its sleek and attractive build. I know it is designed to protect the hard drive in case of fall, but if the tablet is on my thigh and I tap my foot the alarm goes off. One button acts as an enter key, another can be used to rotate the screen; another two act as page up A and down Bbut also act as shortcut keys when the final key, a function key, is held down first.

The drive is also hot-swappable as well as cold-swappable hot-swap meaning that a user may take the drive out of the compartment thus disconnecting it from the Tablet PC while the Tablet PC is powered up and running. The Fujitsu T seemed to fit the bill the best.