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Part of this is to better support Android development work in GNU Radio, but there are other use-cases where people find it useful to build static applications for easier distribution and configuration control of systems. The API calls for you to pass in the number of channels to make. Their example here github. In addition the user has the ability to specify when samples are received or transmitted by using built in burst and timed commands. You may need to log out and log back into the account for the settings to take effect.

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Set the start time for incoming samples. Download the version of systemd used by your OS http: Provides source and sink blocks to interface with the UHD library. But the behavior didn’t change after trying your suggestions anyway.

RPM resource python-gnuradio-uhd

These bugfix releases gnuraeio done off of the maint branch, which is where all the bugfix development happens. When not specified, the start time will be:. This is dependent on the distribution you are using, but most, if not all, of the dependencies should be available in the package repositories for your package manager.


Compatible with Python 2.

You can quickly test this, with no USRP device attached, by running hud following quick tests. Perform write on the user configuration register bus. UHD provides the necessary control used to transport user waveform samples to and from USRP hardware as well as control various parameters e.

RPM resource python-gnuradio-uhd

The value is cleared after each run. Like freq, but sets a full tune request i. Sets the Tx or Rx frequency. Find additional information here. We generally don’t have too many of these kinds of variables as they are considered bad practice, gnurwdio sometimes they are exactly what’s required. For fully manual tuning: In this case, we must construct a dictionary:.

Building and Installing the USRP Open-Source Toolchain (UHD and GNU Radio) on Linux

This warning is harmless; it simply means that the thread will retain a normal or default scheduling priority. If you are using VirtualBox, we recommend using version 5.

At the end of a feature development cycle, the master branch is frozen, and only gnuradil are accepted into the master branch. This is the actual sample rate and may differ from the rate set.


Sign up using Facebook. This branch should not be considered stable, even though we use continuous integration systems to monitor its state. You can search for this and find various questions about where libudev. One of the other nice things that Martin did when adding static library support to libuhd was also provide CMake settings that we can use.

Only set this when automatic correction is disabled.

— GNU Radio documentation

The relevant blocks are listed in the UHD Interface group. So we kept those disabled during the static library build. This page was last modified on 29 Novemberat We’ll cover these bnuradio and show how to get around them, at least for right now.

Retrieved from ” https: See the UHD manual for details on timed commands. There is a simple flowgraph that you can gnuraddio that does not require any USRP hardware. Frequently, your application may need a sample rate that is not supported by the UHD device.