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A Tape drive hardware problem. From the Select from Tape systems menu, select Tape drivers and software. Tape drive detected that the Drive Power Supply is approaching the specified voltage limit drive is still operating or is outside the specified voltage range drive is not operating. This link will take you to the position in Fix Central where you can select the code. Select a download from the options presented, and click Continue.

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Resolving errors with the LTO tape drives

Front view of the LTO 3 tape drive. Tape drive determined that an error occurred, but it cannot isolate the error due to faulty hardware or to the tape cartridge. View the list of available downloads. Tape drive determined that a microcode or tape drive hardware failure occurred. Explanation of drive code naming convention: LED indicator for drive power status.


Tape drive determined that a microcode error occurred. Not Applicable Operating system s: From the Select from System Storage menu, select Tape systems. Click the following link to access the PDF in a new browser window: While the TS tape library is active, it can be difficult to see the SCD without opening the library door. United States English English. In order to provide maximum performance and reliability, it is recommended that the latest version of microcode is installed on your IBM LTO tape devices.

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Installing the IBM tape driver for Windows

No error or message is assigned. Watson Product Search Search.

If the Fix Central Link above does not work then go to: A Tape drive hardware problem. See additional Firmware Installation Instructions below in the Documentation section in the table below. Click the Select product option. There are a few pull down menus to navigate to the correct download as follows: Supported Operating Environments This tape drive works with the following operating systems: The host bus adapter HBA and its device driver were installed automatically.


From the Select from Tape drivers and software menu, select Tape device drivers. D No error or message is assigned. The IBM tape device driver has two installers: Document information More support for: Use this table only if no sense data is available.

Tape drive or RS error.

Select a download from the options presented, and click Continue. Microcode or tape drive problem. Tape drive determined that a hardware failure occurred.

Click Continue to go to the Select fixes page.