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You may also like. Once you find the right manual, you’ll find the content to be decent but not spectacular. The MR has a pretty standard playback mode. Up on top of the MR you’ll find the power and shutter release buttons, as well as the mode dial. The Finecam MR is an attractive, well-built camera. All things considered, the amount of noise at ISO isn’t too horrible. The mobile world might finally get exciting again in

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Kyocera Finecam M410R 4.0 MP Digital Camera – Black

To discuss this review with other DCRP readers, please visit our forums. Its menus are good, and a histogram and dedicated EV button make manually adjusting exposures easy. Photos were fuzzy and kyoxera and colors were dull in many of my real world test photos.

Click to play movie You can choose from evaluative, center-weighted, and spot light finceam, and you can use an easily accessible exposure compensation function to adjust your exposure plus or minus 2EV.

Kyocera Finecam MR MP Digital Camera – Black | eBay

Pressing the center m140r on the four-way controller is a quick way into playback mode. Become a fan of PCMag. With a new sensor, better autofocus system and more streamlined design, the X line The Finecam MR has an excellent movie mode.

Bandersnatch is here to cap a twisted There is no memory card included with the Finecam MR. You can cut the frame rate in half to 15 fps to double kycoera time. The adapter ring that comes with the camera serves as a lens hood and lets you attach filters and accessory lenses.


One thing that wasn’t a problem was purple fringing. The camera does offer some manual shooting modes aperture and shutter priority to be exactbut they’re buried in the menu. About this product Product Information Kyocera’s revolutionary RTUNE technology and a remarkably powerful high-quality zoom lens combine to create what might be the most powerful compact digital camera ever. This compact interchangeable-lens model is a great step-up from APS-C models, as long Shot-to-shot speed is excellent, with a delay of a little over a second before you can take another shot, assuming the post-shot review feature is turned off.

There was moderate redeye in our flash test, which surprised me a bit considering that the flash and lens aren’t that close together.

DCRP Review: Kyocera Finecam MR

View the kyocerq size image and you’ll notice hot pixels everywhere. The MR did a decent job with our macro test subject, though some of the colors seem a bit off. By default the camera tells you absolutely nothing about finrcam photos, but by pressing the Display button you can get the two screens you see above. Taking a long exposure is frustrating due to the limited shutter speed choices 1, 2, 4, or 8 secondsbut it can be done.

The camera could certainly use an AF-assist m10r, though. The mobile world might finally get exciting again in One thing that Kyocera does have a handle on is purple fringing — there really isn’t any to speak of.


When you activate exposure-compensation, an image histogram automatically appears on the LCD or in the electronic viewfinder, which is a nice touch. If you plan on taking full advantage of the RTUNE engine, you’ll need a “high speed” SD card, which generally cost a bit more than regular cards. The Ext selection activates a range of manual settings in the menu system. You can also set the camera to display the histogram full-time in record mode.

Kyocera Finecam M410R

We found that to be partly true, and when you add in the Finecam MR’s acceptable design and feature set, you have a serviceable midrange-to-advanced snapshot camera. Overall I wasn’t terribly thrilled with the MR’s photo quality and for two reasons. The distortion test shows moderate barrel distortion at wide-angle, and slight hints of vignetting kyocerra corners. Kyocera Finecam MR review: They give you access to shutter speeds of 2, 4, and 8 seconds with the Long Exposure feature, but they don’t let you go any slower than kypcera second while in shutter priority mode.