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I looked at the “agreement” licence on a new z Hope that some of you guys can come up with a solution soon, thanks for all the help Using The Solution Center Probably a hardware issue, so just use as a scanner and fax and skip the printing as it is out of warranty. They also sell it there, at a premium

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It was a “lever” that actuates when the top is opened to bring the ink cartridges to the center for changing. With 6 sales of each cartridge, for each printer sold in the world, the Lexmark company will gain much more than it deserve so they may allow you to refill the first one. I have found the answer. I did, quite by accident, come across the answer to the question we have all pexmark looking for.

Damage caused by using refilled cart or non lexmark ink not covered by warranty” There is a “close” box. This is in the previous post by me It turns out that the red light is actually to monitor the guide ribbon that tells the cartridge where the printhead position is.

Using This Product In Switzerland I managed to fix the troubles with the black inkt by taping the 4 contacts below. So i came here looking for a way to trick it into seeing the 15 cart. I tried refilling the black cartridge when reached about half ink level, but the reported ink level continued to drop, and with no sign of being filled.


Lexmark Z Series – Z

I am just getting into trying to refill my Z cartridges and your info has been a good start. I cant believe I missed that! Cleaned contacts etc with alcohol should have just drank the stuff Put your cartridge back into your printer. Wait 20 seconds and then turn it back on.

Blocked access to “Lexmark connect time executable”, “Printer card transfer monitor”, and “Printer device monitor”. They also sell it there, at a premium Lexmzrk, I do not intend to buy another 6 cartridges to verify this.

That one had me laughing! I recommend black electrical tape. It is located next to the printhead.

Make Your Selection

I tried the tape thing and it worked great with the Black ink Anyone with basic electronic skills can repeat this and thus prolong cartridge life for some time. I have run the cartridge cleaning maintenance program several time and the cart prints perfectly.

After years of Lexmark printers, I’m switching lexamrk. Good looking out for the Copying Using The Control Panel There are multiple conductive points arranged in a vertical row. Mine said it was a 3 in 1. Probably a hardware issue, so just use as a scanner and fax and skip the printing as it is out of warranty.


And is there any info on the X?? So, I am not sure what these carts were originally.

I re read my post, and I thoght that is better to warn you before is too late. I’ve been all over the web and this thread is the best and last hope against the Lexmark-tic Empire. If you do, you may use them also to modify the information in the Eprom because all hardware is in the printer, so you don’t need anything else to read or write the chip. Earlier in my message I mixed up the numbers.

I refilled it and the printer would not print since it was saying the cartridge lxmark empty.