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Regarding Web Integration guptha19sept Aug 2: Web-Based Manufacturing Control Challenge: Member 6-Jul Your information will not be shared. Client Verification Once the BioPlugin Client software is installed and activated, you can verify its basic functionality manually by following these steps: Improved security and convenience Removable, weighted stand Reliable and consistent performance Reduced password resets saving IT time and resources Works well with dry, wet, aged, scarred, or problematic fingers Accurately reads the fingerprints of smaller children More affordable than other fingerprint readers in the same category Can be used with all M2SYS fingerprint software applications Convenient Auto-On feature automatically turns on sensor when it detects a finger Patented optical technology for clear image quality with high contrast, high signal-to-noise ratio, and practically no distortion This fingerprint scanner has a durable frame and non-membrane based sensor surface.

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Fingerprint Reader Integration using the M2SYS SDK

dingerprint The M2SYS Bio-Plugin control helps to solve the problem of storing and matching prints, enrolling and updating prints and deleting prints. Thank you for your reply. Friedrich Brunzema May 5: The rough steps are as follows: The documentation for the installation process provided through a Windows.

Kuro Hime Hitsugaya 4-Jun Need to integrate fingerprint biometrics into your application? This appealing architecture allows us to remain focused on our product without having to worry about supporting the fingerprint system.

Their website is not help full grrRrr modified Nov Prevent access of unauthorized personnel into manufacturing control system Reduce inspection errors and additional production costs Eliminate m2syx trail of rubber stamps to identify when tasks are performed and whether or not they passed required inspection. Biometric Resources Read our whitepapers, case studies, infographics, press releases etc. Have a question in mind or need more info?


Please complete the form below with as much information as you can so we are best prepared to assist you. Atlanta, June 24, — M2SYS Technologya global leader in offering cost-effective, innovative technology solutions for law enforcement, military and private entities, today announced the release of a plug-in fingerprint recognition solution that seamlessly communicates with any third party, Windows-based software platform, such as a jail, financial, or health care management system.

Our knowledgeable sales consultants are located worldwide to answer any questions that you have about our identity management technology. No system dependencies Documentation May not include needed information for some development environments M2SYS supports a variety of development environments and can provide sample code.

The rough steps are as follows:. Client Installation The client also installs through a. Share this entry Share this entry.

Additionally, all low level biometric SDKs ultimately require you to tightly embed the biometric software within your application, which creates an immediate disadvantage. Look no further than our business solutions.

The M2-S™ Fingerprint Scanner

Commitment to developing, maintaining, and supporting the biometric system will distract from concentration on your core product. Need to constantly recompile code. Our knowledgeable sales consultants are located worldwide to answer any questions that you have about our identity management technology. Avoid the hassles of a low level biometric SDK and Integrate a turnkey, enterprise-ready biometric identification software solution into your application in a matter of hours.


Fingerprint Reader – M2-EasyScan™ – Accurate, Reliable, and Affordable

Utilization of the plug-in eliminates time consuming and costly back-end integration work, and requires absolutely no development work for software providers.

Regarding Web Integration guptha19sept Aug 2: M2SYS has integrated its fingerprint technology into hundreds of leading enterprise software solutions across various market segments, including: Our core technology solutions enable you to integrate a complete system without fingdrprint burden of a low level fingerprint SDK.

Our unique service and support model helps our customers to reach the full potential of their biometrics investment.

Manjerekar Rao Aug Minimize number of operational steps in mission-critical weapons manufacturing process passed by unauthorized personnel Create a concrete audit trail to maintain employee accountability throughout the manufacturing cycle Eliminate manual backup process to track employee tasks. Fingerprinh Services Our unique service and support model helps our customers to reach the full potential of their biometrics investment.

JSP Andykofi Aug 7: In high throughput environments such as fitness club membership management or school lunch line POSa fingerprint device is required that will capture a fingerprimt quality image and will not degrade with frequent usage. Need to integrate fingerprint biometrics into your application?