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Since we are going to be adding new hardware to the system make sure your computer is powered off, with the AC power cable disconnected from the system to prevent and possible hardware damage or injury while working inside the case. On the Asus site There are several driver downloads for my board P4C deluxe but Unzip the file and they’ve got a “test. The customised OS on the boot CD or boot floppy is all that is required. Join the community here. It should create the disk. I have never personally used this technique, but it was another method mentioned for installing SATA drivers onto a system when there is no floppy drive available.

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Click next to display the select target screen shown below choose the target location where you want makedisk to. The easiest way is to manually locate it on the disc since it will show you what folders you are in and will give you a better idea of what version of makedisk.

So, how do you create this floppy drive gladly I have a second machine with a floppy? You can now easily finish up your install on your system. I had an xp os installed on my old IDE hard drive. The one shown here would need to be attached to an appropriate molex power lead inside the PC for Desktop 3.

Nov 7, at 1: Are you sure there isn’t a “test. In those cases I would recommend using that option and then referring to the instructions below if you have any further questions or need information about how to use the program itself.


creating SATA drivers floppy (Do I need a floppy?) – TechSpot Forums

TBU do make a windows version of this software available but we only recommend doing this sort of work completely from outside Windows. The first thing you will need to do to create your SATA drivers disc on a bootable floppy makwdisk.exe setup a floppy disc to copy the drivers onto. Can anyone help me? The OP will, of course, have to use the test.

If you agree to the cloning then enter Y and go make some tea or let it run overnight.

You must log in or sign up to reply here. If not good probably a system restorwe will bring you back. Click Finish and respond to subsequent prompts as necessary.

Choose Initialize or Write Drive Signature if available. I just need the general idea of it how to create the floppy itself so it “works”I’ll take care of finding the correct drivers themselves From this maekdisk.exe on you can refer to the second part of the guide that will walk you through how to perform the Windows installation with your SATA drivers disk.

Asus A8V + Sata driver HELP me please

The drivers should install themselves. Select an open drive bay within the system and mount you new hard drive into the case.

I too have an issue I am trying to work around similar to yours. Jun 22, Posts: See more information on this final process here: Download drivers from the ATTO website.

7 creating a floppy with raid driver – Asus SK8V User Manual

I work in tech support at a call center and you would not believe how many people still have to do this…I thought the article was pretty useful. Leave the check in the Show Extracted Files box and click Finish. When you first boot the computer you will want aata make sure your floppy drivers disc is not in your floppy drive since this will interfere with the system booting off the Windows Setup disc.


Some motherboard disks now contain a button in the autorun menu for the makedisk utility.

As mentioned above you should already have loaded your floppy makedisk.exe into the system. Once you have followed through on the prompts you will see a progress screen which will give you an idea of how much time it will take to finish setting up your drive. Any help will be great Thank you.

Win XP setup cannot access the SATA hard drive – Tech Support Forum

Ik heb makedisk.wxe p4c deluxe moederbord en ben van plan 2 sata schijven in raid0 te een test. And then, when you ask someone about this pecualiar message, you are told that you should have made a special floppy disk containing SATA drivers and pressed that F6 key. Join thousands of tech enthusiasts and participate. No, create an account now.