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I wound not pay for a standard estata port, but I would pay For a port multiplier port. Go to Current News Page. This upgrade is simply going to add an extension to an existing internal port so that it is available externally. Ask a question Reset. I bought it here in Germany product page link It came with two cables. Oct 3, 9:

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For the vast majority of users, this is more than sufficient.

By bulking up the connectors for improved mechanical reliability, extending the SATA bus mca the computer case was fairly straightforward.

The latest Intel iMac line is a killer desktop, from its brilliant screen to its excellent performance. Would it be possible to use the connector for the superdrive? Using anything other than the AirPort card in that slot is not recommended, as the slot pmx-3132 not mxp-3132 for anything else. The idea came from your site. Oct 2, 4: The non-raid drivers for the Commell card didn’t work, but as soon as I installed the raid drivers, both of my connected drives immediately appeared on my desktop.

This was much faster for file copying, and saved me easily 18 hours in file copying per 2 TB drive. This is a service that is definitely needed for the iMacs and Mac Minis.

SATA III mini PCIe Controller | MacRumors Forums

How much would you charge for something like this? Notify maf of follow-up comments by email. I think the main difference with this upgrade is that the port is inside, not being used at all. The fine folks at Other World Computing now offer an upgrade service for iMacs: Would the kit you show work on this old of an iMac?


Posted on Sep 12, SATA was never intended as an outside-the-box connection.

Want to attach a RAID system for video editing or other capacity-intensive work? Now that we know that it is mpx–3132 to add an eSATA port to an iMac, we come to the real snag in the plan: Video Speciality level out of ten: If only for the iMac?

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As you have ,ac 24″ iMac the answer to your question is no. I asked if he could send a pix of that – he said he would over the weekend.

I plan to clean this up at a later date when I get around to swapping out the HDD. Can yo tell me why this is a good idea?

SATA III mini PCIe Controller

Sep 25, 6: We are simply extending the single-channel internal port to a more accessible external port. OWC could certainly add the iMacs kpx-3132 their configuration list, but with fewer options since there are only 2 internal SATA ports to work with as opposed to 3 on the model. Correct, for all mmac details check out our iMac Turnkey Upgrade page.


That reminded me mc some past mails on drivers in general, where some had problems with the SI site driver installs working where I didn’t ever – I installed at least 3 different versions over the last year from the SI site used with I did come up with an alternative install had there not been enough clearance – where the connectors wrap around the backside of the motherboard and exit a hole drilled through the back where I would have installed something like an electrical hobby box containing the SATA to eSATA adapter, but decided not npx-3132 mess with removing the display, motherboard and all the connectors just to get back there!!

It is possible to convert this to eSATA using a proper cable, but no one seems to make exactly the right one. The hidden latches, which you release with a bent credit card inserted through the upper venting slot, posed the greatest difficulty. Desktops Speciality level out of ten: Cores are running very cool under load transferring files, Photoshop