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Their benefits lie in their lower rotor inertia and their better dissipation If you would like to request a quotation, please log in or register. Although servos were often more expensive to procure due to the tedious testing of ramps to avoid resonance bands and because of the more complex sizing on account of the lack of feedback, they were easier to commission, and this made them more attractive for limited lot production. Check at least two of them. Filter the matching motors using the attributes “Torque” and “Thrust”. Each color represents a motor.

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In this way the stepper motor operates as a servo motor — without step kotor, without resonances and without the risk of overheating. Check at least two of them.

Manotec control of the magnetic field ensures that the magnetic field of the stator is always perpendicular to that of the rotor and that the field strength corresponds precisely to the desired torque. The desired attributes for each motor wil be displayed by clicking on the boxes on the right of the legend.

Brushless DC Motors

No, stay on site OK. In the shopping cart you will find the “Request a quote” button. Depending on the motor type, the speed and positioning information is obtained at a lower speed of between 25 and rpm with an accuracy comparable to that of an optical encoder with or increments. The desired attributes for each motor wil be displayed by clicking on the boxes on the right of the legend.


They will appear as only one curve.

Motor Controllers/Drives

The rotor position required for control, or the field angle, can be established using either a rotary encoder or a sensorless method, which is nanorec below. To have the full featured product finder experience, please activate JavaScript in your browser.

Depending on the motor type, the speed and positioning information is obtained between and rpm. In a brushed DC motor, direct current voltage is applied, generating a speed-independent nanotc current by means of a mechanical inverter in the motor — the brushes.

Even in these cases, motor-dependent threshold values must be recognized and configured. The result is a “virtual encoder” that delivers the position and speed information, beginning at a certain minimum speed, with the same precision as an actual optical or magnetic encoder.

Tutorials Stepper motors Tutorials Closed loop stepper motors as an alternative to BLDC motors Stepper motor technology was long considered to be a cost-effective alternative to applications that do not demand the high For larger quantities, please contact our sales department: They are optionally available with Current per Winding 0.

The stator is made up of thin, mutually nantec insulated metal plates in order to keep the eddy current losses to a minimum.

Select the attribute and click Add attribute. Click the Remove attribute button. In the legend table you can then see the speed values. The calculated values are then compared to the measured values in every motoe.


For this, the measured current flows of the three phases are transformed through a Clark-Park transformation into the biaxial coordinate system of the rotor.

Motor Controllers/Drives | NANOTEC

This motor type is frequently referred to as “brushless direct current motor” because, in many applications, it replaces direct current motors with brushes brushed DC or commutator motors. The Results will adjust themselves automatically to the values you have set. Knowledge Base Stepper motors Tutorials Tutorials In this video, we show the hanotec principle and design of a stepper motor.

The heart of closed loop nanktec is a power-adjusted current control and control signal feedback. Click the Add attribute button. No, stay on site OK.

However, there are also designs with one or two phases. Enter a search word or scroll through the list to find the desired attribute.

Nanotec Support Knowledge Base Category: The attribute is being reset. Nnotec a rule, if only Hall sensors are available for determining the rotor position, the sine commutation can also be used by interpolating between the switching points.